Why us

We publish your passion! Founded more than 34 years ago, Paramount Publication is a pioneer in publishing highest quality textbooks and other educational materials for students. We publish a broad range school/college textbooks on subjects like English and Mathematics for state boards and CBSE. We have an enviable record in the field of education that makes us one-stop solution for quality learning tools and textbooks.

What gives us an edge over others, is our eminent quality of the books that we publish. These include a thorough explanation of each topic in the content of the book. This in turn helps the students to build a strong foundation on subjects. Being one of the leading publishers of college and school books with a focus on comprehensive content in accordance with the syllabus, we implant fundamental knowledge among students and teachers for a better education. We proudly present Prof. Lalji Prasad as our main author who has a passion for writing books and contribute his visionary thoughts to students.

We hope to continue publishing books for better education and empower students with quality content to ensure their success!